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At Good Pediatrics going to the doctor is an experience like no other. They have made it as fun and painless as possible. Upon entering the waiting room their goal is to stimulate the imaginations of the families. The walls are adorned with display cases full of antique toys, prop replicas, and a 6 foot tall Frozen castle. After checking in with the friendly front desk staff the families are lead into one of the intricately decorated themed exam rooms. There is a Star Wars room with action figures from the original 1977 movie to figurines from the most recent movies as well as a TIE fighter desk. A Superhero room with collectable art work by DC and Marvel. The focal point is a  piece created by Stan Lee and autographed. The Princess room has a wall mural with life size Disney Princesses as well as a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. For older patients, there is a Harry Potter room with floating candles, a fire place, magic wands, and a sorting hat which will tell you which house you belong in, but only if you have read the books. Dr. Good makes this a requirement to enter through the 9 ¾ platform to encourage patients to read. For the younger crowd there is a Cartoon room full of timeless Dr.Seuss characters as well as newer favorites such as the bubble guppies in their own “aquarium” and the paw patrol along with Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins. A favorite for all ages is the Disney Room which contains more than 101 Dalmatians, lithographs, and antique to present day figurines. Many patients and even their parents will dress up for the room they would like to be in.

For Good Pediatrics’ tiniest patients there are designated baby rooms with comfortable gliders that are perfect for new moms who may need help with breastfeeding. Good Pediatrics’ full time lactation consultant Anne Bell RN is always happy to help with any breastfeeding needs.

Medically Good Pediatrics focuses on preventative care by following the American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures Guidelines.  Their technology  is second to none. The Well Child visits begin before arriving to the clinic with a comprehensive health and developmental screening system  which sends Dr. Good the information prior to arrival. Other advanced technologies include otoacoustic emissions   which is a non-evasive test used to detect hearing defects in babies and children. Pulmonary function testing for patients with asthma. They have a photoscreener that detects vision issues within seconds beginning in patients as young as 6 months of age. They have a probe that can screen for anemia without a blood draw, although they do have a certified phlebotomist on staff for any necessary blood draws.

In keeping with disease prevention there is an emphasis on nutrition and exercise. Dr. Good believes in establishing healthy habits early on. For those patients at increase risk she has a “Healthy Lifestyle” visits. At the initial visit blood is drawn and the cholesterol and other labs that are important in these cases are ready for interpretation in 10 minutes. Dr. Good then discusses with the family healthy lifestyle/nutritional changes with the patient’s labs in mind.

Even with fantastic preventative care children do get sick. In this case it is Good Pediatrics’ policy to see sick children on a same day basis. In addition, she realizes illness does not know office hours so she takes her own call and is just a phone call away when the office is closed.

Dr. Good has 3 children, twins (Mary and Malcolm) and Thomas along with standard poodle named Lady. Dr. Good is a Board Certified Pediatrician, she is a fellow of the American Academy of pediatrics, The American Board of Pediatrics and the Sarasota Medical Society.