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Before becoming one of our patients, why not learn a little bit more about Good Pediatrics? Located in Sarasota, FL, Good Pediatrics is where children from birth through college-age receive excellent, comprehensive medical care given by the best providers, who are parents themselves.

From routine checkups to immunizations, and more, Good Pediatrics provides a wide range of services that make caring for the health of your child a whole lot easier.

Experience the Imagination

Grab your cape, princess dress, and wizard cloak before coming to Good Pediatrics, where as soon as you walk through our doors, you’ll be transported to a practice full of imagination and intricate decorations.

The waiting room walls are adorned with display cases with antique toys, props, and a six-foot tall frozen castle. After checking in, you’ll be lead into our Star Wars room with action figures from the original 1977 movie. The superhero room is covered with collectable artwork from DC and Marvel, with a centerpiece created and autographed by Stan Lee. Our princess room is just as decorated with wall murals of life-sized Disney Princesses. Hanging from the ceiling is a crystal chandelier so patients feel like they’re at a ball.

All aboard 9 ¾! For the older wizards, there is a Harry Potter themed-room with hanging candles, a sorting hat, magic wands, and a fireplace. There is also a room for the younger patients with Dr. Seuss and other television show characters. The Disney Room, is equipped with more than 101 Dalamations, lithographs, and antique to present day figurines.

Virginia J. Good

Virginia J. Good


Board Certified Pediatrician Dr. Good was born and raised in Shreveport, LA. She went to Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge and played tennis for the LSU Tigers. After graduating and teaching tennis for 2 years, she returned to LSU for medical school and residency. She then spent several years in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit caring for critically ill children. Dr. Good and her family moved to Sarasota, FL where she worked as a hospitalist before transitioning to primary care. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, The American Board of Pediatrics and the Sarasota Medical Society.

Throughout her education and years of experience, Dr. Good has learned the high importance of introducing healthy habits early on in a young patient’s life, and realizes sickness does not have office hours. She takes her own call and is just a phone call away even when the office is closed.

Dr. Good has 3 children and a Standard Poodle, “Lady”. In her spare time, she loves to fish and scuba dive.





Anne is one of our nurses and has been with Good Pediatrics for over 4 years. In addition to being a registered nurse, she is also a certified Lactation consultant and loves helping the breast-feeding families. Her passion is giving excellent care to children of all ages. She very much enjoys watching the children grow up!




Medical Assistant

Dulce has been a part of the Good Pediatrics team since it’s inception. She started out as a receptionist and is now a Medical Assistant. Her favorite part of working at Good Pediatrics is hearing all of the funny things the kids say!




Lady is Dr. Good’s dog and the practice’s mascot. Lady puts a smile on everyone’s face when she greets them!

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