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9 Year Old


*****May need a morning appointment with nothing to eat or drink after midnight. See below*****
At this visit your child will be weighed and their height will be measured. We will also calculate and plot your child's BMI. Your child will have their blood pressure,vision and hearing checked. If they have not had their cholesterol/lipids checked within the last year, this appointment can be scheduled as a morning appointment and they should be fasting which means nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Some children will already have had these drawn. Some within the last year. This is because they had risk factors for high cholesterol. If your child has NOT had these labs drawn ever or it has been more than a year, you may schedule a morning (fasting) 9 Year Old Well Child Visit. The new 2014 universal lipid screening recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for preventative pediatric health care recommends screening sometime between the 9 year old and the 11 year old Well Visits. If you choose to do this at the 9 year old visit blood will be obtained by a finger stick. The test is performed in our clinic and takes 12 minutes to complete. In most cases we will discuss the results with you at the end of your appointment. We will also discuss growth, development, nutrition, school performance and safety. We will perform a complete physical exam and answer any questions you have. If your child is due for any vaccines, those vaccines including the flu vaccine if their well visit falls between September and March. Please see our vaccine section of the website for more details. You will also have completed an online Pediatric Symptom Check List (PSC-17) which screens for possible cognitive, emotional or behavioral problems. Health Risk Questionnaire to determine any exposures your child may be at risk for. These forms may be completed on a computer, IPAD/tablet or a smart phone by accessing our website and clicking on the link to CHADIS. The forms are accessed electronically by Dr. Good. The forms are scored and a report is generated for her review prior to your arrival. If you do not have access to this technology or have trouble, we will have computers in the waiting room that you may use for this purpose as well as staff to help you. Please come 30 minutes early in this case to be assured you have time to complete the form accurately and the doctor has the information for review before she sees your child. 

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