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12 Month


The 12 month visit is much the same as previous well visits with the exception that your now 1 year old will have a finger-stick blood test to test for anemia and lead exposure. We do both of these tests in our office so you will be able to discuss the results with your doctor at the same visit. As always, we will weigh your 1 year old and measure their length and head circumference. We will discuss growth, development, nutrition and safety, perform a complete physical exam and answer any questions you have. You will also have completed an online Ages and Stages and Health Risk questionnaire prior to your visit which will help us identify any problem areas your 12 month old may have with their development as well as any exposures your baby may be at risk for. These questionnaires are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. These forms are available in English and Spanish. We have tried to make this as easy as possible for you. The answers are multiple choice. These forms may be completed on a computer, IPAD/tablet or a smart phone by accessing our website and clicking on the link to CHADIS. The forms are accessed electronically by Dr. Good. They are scored and a report is generated for her review prior to your arrival. If you do not have access to this technology or have trouble, we have computers in the waiting room you may use for this purpose as well as staff to help you. Please come 30 minutes early in this case to be assured you have time to complete the forms accurately and the doctor has the information for review before your appointment time.

An Oral Health Risk Assessment will be performed at this visit as well. If your 12 month old has teeth (Yes, we do see 12 month olds without their first tooth) and meets the criteria, fluoride varnish will be offered as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists to help prevent cavities. Your 12 month old will receive 4 routine childhood immunizations at this visit as well as the flu vaccine if their visit falls between September and March and they are due. Please make sure you schedule this appointment on or after their 1st birthday. This is important because the State of Florida will not allow your child to enter school if the Florida Shots State Database indicates certain vaccines were given even one day early. This is also the case for the 4 year old vaccines. However, if you are reading this section you most likely have a few years before you need to worry about those.

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