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There are 4 different appointment types.

Initial ADHD/ADD Appointment

Your child has never been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD.
Your child has been diagnosed by a child psycologist and they are recommending the initiation of medication.
Your child has been treated or is being treated at another location and you feel treatment is suboptimal.

Please do the following to expedite treatment.

Go to the CHADIS link on our website. The parent will input their information then add the information for the child. This way the parent has one account for all the children in the family. The parent may already have an account from a previous visit. (you will also use this for well visits, asthma visits etc)

On the page that says Take Questionnaires:

There will be 1 questionnaire assigned to the parent:

The Vanderbilt Initial, Parent Informant Questionnaire.

On the same page you will see "Invite Others to Take Questionnaires", this is where you will invite your child's teacher to complete a questionnaire. You will need the teacher's email address which can usually be found on the school website. The teacher will receive the invite by email and follow the directions to fill out:

 The Vanderbilt Initial, Teacher Informant Questionnaire.

Both questionnaires are several pages long. On the bottom of each page you should click "Continue" until you reach the last page which will ask you to "Send Now" or "Save". You will need to click "Send Now" for the doctor to receive it.

Also, please bring any other information you have that may help us in treating your child. Helpful items include:
Testing performed by another provider or the school system.
Report Cards
Notes sent home from school
Agenda books
Behavior charts used at school for the younger children. ( or smiley faces)

ADHD/ADD Medication Management Appointment

Initially, we may need to see your child and/or communicate with you frequently to find the best medication and dose for your child. Many times the initial medication and dose are a great fit and we can go straight to the third type of appointment after the second visit. However, in most cases we make a change or two in dosing or timing during the first few weeks.

ADHD/ADD Follow-Up Appointment with Vanderbilt Follow-Up Assessment

This is for children who have had their initial appointment and have been started on medication, the medication has been adjusted as needed, and the family feels the appointments may be spaced out by 3 months. In this case, we would ask that you log into CHADIS and fill out the "Vanderbilt Follow-Up Parent" (with Medication Supplement) and Invite the teacher to fill out the "Vanderbilt Follow-Up Teacher" (with Medication Supplement).

 ADHD/ADD Monitoring Appointment

Once Dr. Good evaluates the Vanderbilt Parent and Teacher Follow-Up (with medication) results and all parties involved feel your child's treatment is optimal, their appointments will be scheduled at 3 month intervals for monitoring. At these appointments you will be given 3 paper prescriptions for the next 3 months with a "Do Not Fill Before Date" on them. This is done as a convenience for the parent. However, if you lose one of these, you will no longer be given 3 months worth of prescriptions at the 3 month visit. Instead, you will have to come each month in between appointments and pick up the paper prescriptions. Currently in Florida, ADHD/ADD medications CANNOT be sent electronically, called in, faxed or have refills written on a single prescription. So put them in a SAFE place.

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